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  • Pastor Diaz Ave, Jaco, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
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Our mission is to deliver excellent service at an affordable price.

Our on-site mechanics follow a strict maintenance schedule and upgrade our vehicles with top quality extras.

All of our vehicles undergo a thorough mechanical inspection, interior cleaning and disinfection prior to every rental.


San Jose Airport Express Pick-up and Drop Off

Your rental vehicle will be waiting for you at the airport Arrivals parking lot when you land, with everything ready to go. We will send you a message with the parking spot number and photo of the vehicle, so you could find it quickly.

No waiting for shuttles or standing in line.

With Jaco Car Rental, you’ll be on your way in minutes!

VIP Vehicle Delivery Service

We can deliver the rental vehicle to your hotel or AirBnB, within our service area. Please contact us with the address to confirm.

If you’re arriving late in the day and are staying overnight in the San Jose area, we can bring the vehicle right to your hotel, as early as 7 am the following morning.  That way you can get some rest and head out first thing in the morning, all while saving a day of car rental.

Discounted Shuttle to Jaco

If you’re heading to the Central Pacific Coast, and will be going to, or passing through Jaco, we can arrange for a discounted shuttle to bring you from the airport to our office in Jaco and pick up your rental vehicle there.

If you’re staying in Jaco, our shuttle can bring you from the airport to your hotel or AirBnB and we will bring the rental car right to your door!

Need to pick-up and drop off the vehicle at different locations? No problem! At Jaco Car Rental we do not have extra charges for multiple locations.



  • When you book with Jaco Car Rental, your rental car is 100% reserved for you. We never double book!
  • Substitutions may occur due to unforeseen circumstances (vehicle loss, unplanned maintenance, etc.)
  • To reserve the vehicle, we require the following information:
    • Driver’s license photo of principal renter, as well as all additional drivers
    • Contact phone number and email address
    • Dates, times and locations for vehicle pickup and return
      (if your exact dates and/or locations are not set yet, please let us know in advance)
  • We ask for half of the security deposit at time of booking to avoid last minute cancellations. Second half is due on vehicle pickup.
  • Security Deposit is kept for the duration of your rental and is returned on the day, when you return the vehicle, as long as the vehicle is returned in accordance with rental terms.


  • At time of pick-up, the primary driver must present a valid passport and driver’s license in the driver’s name. Same applies for all drivers, in order to be registered for insurance coverage.
  • Only drivers registered in this rental agreement are allowed to operate the rental vehicle.
  • Drivers will always obey and follow traffic rules of Costa Rica. Unsafe, negligent or unlawful operation of the vehicle may result in loss of security deposit and/or insurance coverage.
  • Renter is fully responsible for safe operation of the vehicle. Our vehicles go through rigorous testing and full maintenance on a regular basis, however Costa Rican climate and roads make vehicle parts wear out quickly. Inspect your rental vehicle throughout your journey, especially after driving over unpaved roads. Check your tire pressure at every gas fill up – it’s a free service at all gas stations.
  • Vehicle can not be used top cross any waterways. Damages resulting from negligent river crossing are not covered by insurance.
  • Driving or parking on beaches is not allowed. Keep tides in mind, when parking near a beach.
  • Vehicle can only be driven within Costa Rica. You cannot cross the border to either Nicaragua or Panama.
  • Towing is not permitted. Vehicles cannot be used to tow or push anything.
  • No objects can be installed or attached to vehicles without prior written consent from Jaco Car Rental. This includes bike racks, surfboard racks, etc.
  • Small scratches from tree branches and stone chips are expected, however any damage to the vehicle body and/or paint that would require repair or replacement will be charged to the renter.
  • The vehicle is provided with a full tank of gas and should be returned with a full tank of gas. Any missing gas will be charged to the renter.
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