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Driving Tips


Explore the beauty of Costa Rica with confidence. Our comprehensive driving tips are designed to enhance your travel experience, ensuring safety and enjoyment on the road. Whether you’re tackling mountainous terrain or navigating bustling city streets, this guide will equip you with essential knowledge for a smooth and memorable journey.


Mountain driving in Costa Rica offers stunning scenery but demands careful attention. The country’s rugged terrain features steep inclines, hairpin turns, and varying road conditions. When ascending, maintain a lower gear to combat the steep gradients, and when descending, use engine braking to control speed. Be prepared for reduced visibility due to fog and rain in these elevated areas. Allow ample time for your mountain journeys, as conditions can change rapidly. Take breaks to rest and appreciate the breathtaking vistas. Your safety and the preservation of this natural beauty go hand in hand when navigating Costa Rica’s challenging mountain roads.

Mountain Driving with Automatic Transmission

For those driving vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions, mountain driving in Costa Rica presents unique considerations. Unlike manual transmissions, automatic vehicles don’t allow direct engine braking. To compensate, rely on your brakes judiciously, applying them intermittently to control your speed on descents. It’s crucial to avoid prolonged or aggressive braking to prevent overheating and potential brake fade. Consider downshifting manually if your vehicle allows it, as this can engage engine braking to some extent. Additionally, maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead to allow for ample reaction time on winding mountain roads. Your attentiveness and careful brake management are paramount in ensuring a safe mountain driving experience.

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